Enterprise Information Management


46_quality_control_checklist_blue30 Information Steward

  • Understand and measure the health of your data.
  • Standardize, validate and enrich your data.
  • Help business users analyze how data quality effects enterprise processes.
  • Identify data issues and minimize the need for downstream cleanup.
  • Delivery timely and accurate data to the decision makers and stakeholders.
  • Track your data quality over time.

46_data_filtering_system_blue30 Data Services

  • A Complete view of structured and unstructured data giving a broad view of your data and helping to ensure there are no gaps in business planning.
  • High-performance ETL in batch or real-time
  • Improve productivity with a single intuitive interface.
  • Gain deeper insights into unstructured data.
  • Improve efficiency loading large volumes of data.

37_molecular_structure_blue30 Data Quality

  • Deliver accurate, trustworthy and timely information across your organization.
  • Parse, analyze, standardize and cleanse data.
  • Provide access to users through dashboards.
  • Reduce duplicate data.
  • Data profiling, parsing, standardization, matching, validation and enrichment.

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